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Schreier's new book devotes a chapter to Dragon Age: Inquisition and I thought I'd share the deets with my DA crew.

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And this is probably the takeaway quote of the chapter, by Cameron Lee:

"I think Dragon Age: Inquisition is a direct response to Dragon Age 2. Inquisition was bigger than it needed to be. It had everything but the kitchen sink in it, to the point where we went too far... I think that having to deal with Dragon Age 2 and the negative feedback we got on some parts of that was driving the team to want to put everything in and try to address every little problem or perceived problem."

Considering the technical and scope challenges, what they did with DAI is impressive. They're going into DA4 with a full RPG/OW tool set and experience using Frostbite, so they'll already be a couple of years ahead in that sense.
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this wild. the woman who plays Senua wasn't a professional actor. She was a video editor for Ninja Theory. They kept asking her to do stuff for them like model face paints, and it eventually lead to them using her face and doing motion capture. like, she says in the video that she's not an actor and that she actually hated it prior to being asked. But when she got into it, she started practicing, and they got her a trainer so that she'd put on muscle. 

it's funny given the journey of how she went from modeling paint to doing a LIVE MOTION CAPTURE in front of a whole audience, but also incredibly inspiring. like, holy shit.
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I've had a lot of restless energy lately and I've decided why fight it, and I've been raiding my Humble stash, but nothing really beats a nice new shiny game you didn't own yesterday, amirite? I self-medicate with games, as should we all.

So I've been eyeballing Niche, a niche genetics survival game that just came out to overwhelmingly positive review. I wasn't convinced it was my thing. (I think it might be your thing, which is why I mention it here.)

I am very satisfied with the reviews of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider but the Dishonored world is not what I need right now.

So I wait for the Steam weekend stuff to roll over and I'm clicking and what do I spy with my little eye... but SteamWorld Dig 2. You know that feeling when you love something, and then suddenly there's more when you were least expecting it? I'm pretty sure I have an extra key to SteamWorld Dig, if anyone wants it.

Have I discussed my little mining problem?

ok so I have a little mining problem. I like to dig. Anywhere. Any circumstances. Dig Dug was one of the first games I played and I loved it, so maybe that's why, but I don't care to overthink this stuff. So a game where the entire point is digging is just the best. I know some of you can't relate, it's ok. We're all God's children, unique in our own special ways.

Edit: SteamWorld Dig is currently free on Origin.
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I'm offering fanmixes on [community profile] harvey_fanaid! They're all really cheap, ranging from $1-$5 depending how many songs you want your mix to have. :3 You don't even have to ask for a fandom! Whether you want a compilation of calm music, LGBTQ lovesongs, or High Octane Nightmare Fuel: The Soundtrack, you bet I'll make it for you~ ♥♥♥

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Sep. 19th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Leave two ships in my replies and I'll choose which I ship more. :)

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:07 am
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I have a two-step process to confirm if Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is the right otome for you.

First, I must inform you the game contains body negativity and name-calling. The heroine is called sow, pig, etc., as Saito tries to goad her into dieting. He also calls her a bitch a few times. She refers to herself as "slant-eyed" on multiple occasions. If you can tolerate this, go to the next step.

Now, I will need you to view the image under the cut. Please be advised this image may be disturbing to more sensitive viewers.

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Still game? Okay, let's get to it. FLML is best described as an irreverent parody that occasionally breaks the fourth wall. It has two main routes and a third unlockable 3P route. The heroine, Ema, is a tall recluse who wants to eat pizza and be left alone, but when she crosses paths with two handsome guys, one who claims she is his "muse" and is obsessed with designing clothes for her, and another who demands that she let him be her producer, she can't get a moment of peace. They won't leave her alone until she agrees to be their model, and then the real torture starts as they whip her into shape and force her to wear embarrassing clothing.

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And of course, now I've REMEMBERED that I can make masterlists, because I am an adult and I do what I want, I am TOTALLY going to remember to make them for all of the things that I have been yelling about. TOTALLY.

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Sep. 17th, 2017 10:38 pm


Sep. 17th, 2017 09:59 pm
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I've become moderately obsessed with Brogue. I wasn't sure if I'd take to ASCII roguelikes, they seemed a bit impenetrable. I can happily report Brogue is a great starting point. It's an item-driven roguelike wherein you (@) are trapped on the first level of a dungeon and must descend to the 26th floor and obtain the Amulet of Yendor to escape. There is no character build or lore to learn, you just go.

Within a few minutes I was totally engaged. Short, evocative descriptions set the scene nicely and the game's symbols quickly become familiar. Each playthrough the potions and scrolls are named differently (in one PT a red potion might give strength and another the red potion makes you invisible) so while there is some cumulative knowledge from trial and error there is also a lot of, "Okay, stand back, I'm going to drink this and see what happens." You can sneak up on enemies and stab them in their sleep, or hide in a corridor and wait for a wandering enemy to pass and get in a surprise hit. You learn tricks, like the surest way to beat a Jelly (fucking jellies) is to back into a tight space so they can't spawn behind you. You can recruit allies or go alone. There is no one way to play. I just learned you can even succumb to demonic temptation (enable easy mode).

Typographic symbols are naturally beautiful and Brogue enhances its ASCII with creative and pretty effects, from blazing fire to the pastel haze of confusion. Toads, when touched, may cause you to hallucinate, and everything in the dungeon ceaselessly changes form until the effects wear off. There is a tileset version of the game (right screenshot), but I started with the ASCII version and I find it easier on the eyes and more appealing overall.

In his overview of roguelikes, Waltorious notes that these games generate memorable stories, and user-generated stories are the strength of the medium. I remember that time I was backed in a corner, surrounded by jackals, desperately chugging all my unlabeled potions, and just happened to drink a potion of descent, which whisked me to safety. I remember the time I decided to burn a wooden door with a fire staff I'd just found and seriously underestimated how powerful it was, engulfing the entire room in flames. In some ways, this type of player-driven story feels more personal than big cinematic story-based games because so much of this story relies on my imagination, how I've come to perceive the dungeon and its inhabitants. I think this is a game I'll be playing off and on for a long time.

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Sep. 17th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Fandom, personal life stuff, political, and so on, let the opinions fly. No judgement or shaming here, please.

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Stolen from [personal profile] cypsiman2

Sep. 17th, 2017 07:37 pm
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Send me a canon and I will describe how 4Kids would "localize" it.


Sep. 17th, 2017 11:07 pm
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Hello hello hello! Hello hello! I'm coming to you live and alive, and I have been fucking busy since I last posted. Like, "I haven't checked my reading page in a month" levels of busy. HI GUYS, I MISS YOU.

Let's see, what've I been doing?

  • Okay, most important thing: LEX AND I WENT TO CHECK OUT THE DINOSAURS OF CHINA EXHIBIT AND IT WAS REALLY FUCKING COOL. I posted lots of photos on twitter because I'm me, but I just need to yell about it some more.
    • You know how places have signs from the car park telling you which way to go? All of the ones for this said "I think they went that way".

    • There was a deer outside the building! Just, like, chilling on the lawn! And I was flipping out because why is there a deer there and Lex was laughing his head off because Wollaton Hall is like a deer park? A deer preserve? IT HAS DEER. And it's like yes, I know it has deer, but why are they roaming loose! Over here! That's not safe! Thus further proving that I am FAR TOO CITY FOLK to ever go near wild animals.

    • Okay, the Dinosaurs of China exhibit has a whole bunch of skeletons and fossils brought over from Asia (I thought it was in partnership with some of the universities, but can I find any information on the website? Can I heck as like.), because a) apparently China is where the most advances in paleontology are being made, and b) that is where they found out about dinosaurs having feathers. And they have! Some of the fossils! That show dinosaurs with feathers!

    • I don't know if the disabled route in has all of the stuff painted on the walls explaining the exhibit; I hope it does because I quite liked it. You follow the trail of footprints round, read all the stuff on the walls, go up the stairs, open a curtain, and...





    • Also in that room was like a protoceratops (which was a baby and an ancestor of the triceratops); there was a tiny armoured dinosaur that they found as part of a group of baby dinosaurs that had been buried in a sandstorm so they were pretty well preserved; one of the first dinosaurs ever found in China (apparently during WWII, which sounds like it must have been NERVEWRACKING. And! AND! There was a Sinraptor, which I think we can all agree is the best name for a dinosaur that looks like a t-rex, and I'm reading the sign going "Is this really big enough to take down the big one all on it's own?!" until it turned out that it was, uh, not actually fully grown yet.

    • The next room was all of the stuffed birds that they usually keep in the hall, which was somewhere between cool and eerie because it's a room full of eyes. (They have ravens, [Bad username or unknown identity: squeemu!] I meant to get a picture for you, I'm sorry.) But they were all there as a "Here is a comparison between birds and dinosaurs," thing. There was! A tiny dinosaur skeleton! Like, the size of my hand tiny, and it apparently got buried in volcanic ash while it was sleeping, so it was found preserved in that position! That is cool! And there was an Oviraptor (I think it's called that anyway), because someone discovered it next to eggs and assumed that they were eating it, rather than that it was the dinosaurs own nest. Whoops.

    • ... Also who cuts fossilised eggs in half. I mean, paleontologists, but srsly.


    • Apparently someone tried to invent a new dinosaur by smooshing two fossils together, and it worked. It was right next to the (apparently legit) dino bird with FOUR WINGS, because sometimes real life is weirder than what we can make up.

    • And I'm pretty sure that the original Fossil Of Dinosaur With Feathers was there. *_*


    • In conclusion, it was super great and if you can, I reckon it's worth your time!

  • Then we went on a danger Ikea run (Q: Why is it a "danger" Ikea run? A: Have you ever been to Ikea?) because Mike's mum was coming over – I'll come back to that – and got a new shelving unit and a pouffe (which we haven't put together yet) and a table with a basket and wheels for me, which is SUPER USEFUL, 10/10, would pile all of my nonsense into again.

  • SO MIKE'S MUM CAME OVER and I'm trying to be nice about her, because she's his mum and our landlady, but we got back and it was literally "Hi, how was your day, I don't know how you live like this." ... Lady, if you want us to keep the place cleaner you can ask, you're our landlady, but I don't know how you thought walking into our home and insulting our housekeeping is acceptable. Also she's going to have someone come round and tile our kitchen wall while he's round doing a different job (dude does not know he's going to be tiling our kitchen yet), and decided that she was going to clean our bathroom for us, by which I mean break the sink and steam-clean the sealant right off the shower. *AGGRAVATED SIGH* On the plus side, she painted the kitchen like she wanted, and has decided that Mike is going to finish painting the rest of the house for her, so...

  • (She wanted us to put all of our stuff in the middle of our bedrooms so that she could paint our bedrooms and I just laughed for days because she grossly overestimated how much space Mike has in his bedroom and underestimated how much crap Lex and I have in ours. It's not happening.)

  • I've taken all of the extra shifts going in September, which hasn't been as many as I'd hoped; we were supposed to start RFID tagging the entire library by now, but they've moved the start date back a month. Oh well, more time for transcripts and writing [community profile] ladybusiness stuff. (I reviewed The Stars Are Legion, which was Fine But Not For Me.)

  • I need to decide if I want to do sign language level two this year. On the one hand, professional development is great and I'd love to know more BSL, and this is the last chance I'm going to have to go with anyone from my old class. On the other hand, I don't have £500 to drop on this again; I didn't really have it last year but seriously won't be out of my overdraft until the 25th of October so I'm not sure I can do it. ... And the classes were good and fun but also I was an anxious wreck before and after them. And Jay can't go either, which means that I'd either be late to class most weeks, have to pay for a taxi, or ask work if I can knock off early so I can get there on time.

    ... I think what I'm saying is that I need to give myself permission to NOT go to sign language next year. /o\

  • Apart from that... I got new stationery? I got these daily pages for my filofax and so far they are exactly what I wanted? I also got myself a fauxdori with red pandas on? I dunno, my brain just went fff! and shut down, I'm sorry. The takeaway point of this is: DINOSAURS, GUYS. DINOSAURS ARE COOL.
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Toxic lessons from dumblr: BDSM is abuse. Um, WHAT?

Talk about NSFW topics and abuse and Puri's enraged screaming. )

I hope to GOD someone types an extremely long and detailed rebuttal to that post complete with links and professional sources, because I can't stand the thought of damaging misinformation like this spreading like wildfire.

Wayward & Early Access

Sep. 14th, 2017 06:42 am
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Well, I broke my no early access rule recently so I could be distracted by Wayward, a survival rougelike. You can play a free version in the browser. I wanted a new survival thing and I read it had a steeper learning curve than Terraria.

In Wayward you are a castaway who washes up on a randomized turn-based island with randomized tools who has no memory except... treasure. The game's difficulty is controlled by a malignancy/benignity point system. Destructive actions like mining, chopping down trees, and hunting peaceful animals earns malignancy (negative) points, nurturing actions like farming and foraging give benignity (positive) points. The island is kinder to those with positive scores, but if the number drops into the negative the island becomes increasingly angry and more powerful enemies (and ultimately bosses) spawn. It's an interesting system that gives the player control of the difficulty level. There is a default hardcore permadeath option and a casual option with endless lives. You are awarded certain permanent bonuses when you pass milestones (like survive x turns, craft x objects), and these bonuses can affect your starting stats, skills, and inventory on future games.

The reviews for this game were spot on. The game is difficult in that it has a learning curve and realistic implementation of things like encumbrance. You can't just run around with 500 boulders in your pack. Going in blind, I died a bit and wasn't really sure what to do, but I kept experimenting and trying, and once the game's rules and mechanics began to click it was a lot of fun. Discovery is a huge part of the fun and the community is very spoiler-conscience, but I can give you one non-spoilery tip: if at first you do not succeed, try, try again. This goes for actions like mining or harvesting as well as general play. I recommend the permadeath option because dying over and over helps you experiment with new starter tools and learn from your mistakes. Once you get the hang of it and you know some tricks starting over isn't a big deal. I've found I prefer playing that way. Casual mode takes some of the sense of urgency out of emergency situations.

Wayward has really piqued my interest in roguelike games in general and there is no shortage. A lot of these games have been in ongoing development for years (sometimes decades), so many of the titles are perpetually betas/early access while still being fully playable games--early access is part of the culture basically. I still have complicated feels and reservations about early access games but think this genre pulls off the "buy this unfinished game!" thing better.

Wayward is not ready yet, but the core components are there and it is really close to what I wanted, a turn-based top-down pixel-art hybrid of Starbound/Stardew Valley/Star Tropics?/Something Something (that's a lot of stars). That's a pretty specific ask and I haven't seen anything else like it.

All In a Day's Coup

Sep. 13th, 2017 11:25 am
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I hate people MMOs and multiplayer, but I live vicariously through the Eve Online shenanigans that occasionally make their way to mainstream game news sites. There is an Eve News outlet but honestly I can barely keep up with the news cycle in our world.

I see they now have a free-to-play version that is maybe okay. I really, really hate MMOs, but I am tempted to poke my head in there.
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